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Post  qwertywerty on Wed May 14, 2008 2:50 pm

swalwell child 'genius' and mensa member at 4 years of nevan is the laughing stock of the police community.the proffesor had signed up to an evening class to study plants and herbs.he arrived early at whickham comp. registered and was sent to room 65 class A.the boy wonder entered said class room,there was no one in,george thinking it was a study of class A narcotics swiped all the specimens on display thinking he was gona set himself up as swalwells ansa to pablo escabar.marge now has a house full of sunflowers,casablanca lilles and carnations.George it was classroom A you dime bar.......!
other news michael armstrong has fallen out with brie and left the force.he was last seen in a fancy dress shop swapping his uniform for a cotton rich robe,jesus sandals and an old cat stevens cd........he was then seen on the road to damascuss where hopefully the fruitcake will be at one with himself.

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