USB Mini and Micro connectors

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USB Mini and Micro connectors Empty USB Mini and Micro connectors

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USB Mini and Micro connectors
Micro B USB
Mini usb AB

Various connectors have been used for smaller devices such as PDAs, mobile phones or digital cameras. These include the now-deprecated[17] (but standardized) Mini-A and the currently standard Mini-B,[20] Micro-A, and Micro-B connectors. The Mini-A and Mini-B plugs are approximately 3 by 7 mm.

The micro-USB plugs have a similar width but approximately half the thickness, enabling their integration into thinner portable devices. The micro-A connector is 6.85 by 1.8 mm with a maximum overmold size of 11.7 by 8.5 mm. The micro-B connector is 6.85 by 1.8 mm with a maximum overmold size of 10.6 by 8.5 mm.[14]

The Micro-USB connector was announced by the USB-IF on January 4, 2007[21]. The Mini-A connector and the Mini-AB receptacle connector were deprecated on May 23, 2007[22]. As of February 2009[update], many currently available devices and cables still use Mini plugs, but the newer Micro connectors are being widely adopted and as of December 2010, the Micro connectors are the most widely used. The thinner micro connectors are intended to replace the Mini plugs in new devices including smartphones and personal digital assistants. The Micro plug design is rated for at least 10,000 connect-disconnect cycles which is significantly more than the Mini plug design.[23] The Universal Serial Bus Micro-USB Cables and Connectors Specification[23] details the mechanical characteristics of Micro-A plugs, Micro-AB receptacles, and Micro-B plugs and receptacles, along with a Standard-A receptacle to Micro-A plug adapter.
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