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Post  qwertywerty on Thu Oct 30, 2008 1:15 pm

after sunderlands win over the toon grippa hit the wine bars of the city centre with a vengance.....he was seen and unfortunately heard murdering a few classic kool and the kang songs but was eventually asked to leave when he and a short shighted plasterer from luton teamed up to duet ebony and ivory ( mccartney n stevie wonder song) they then hit the spider for a final horaah...........grippa woke up in crimdon dene with a half eaten curly wearly chocolate bar in one hand and in the other was half drunk bottle of harveys bristol cream.
for those people with kids and for older people like brixon n armstrong .....who may remember a hardbacked ladybird kids book about a family who chanced upon a never ending pan of porridge....besto has stumbled upon a never ending pint of guiness.

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