chris mee.....jelly beans?

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chris mee.....jelly beans? Empty chris mee.....jelly beans?

Post  qwertywerty on Thu Jun 26, 2008 2:28 pm

chris mee is causing problems for top order batsman with
his ability to swing the ball both ways and reverse it even when new.He was rumbled last week the umpires thought jelly beans were the cause however chris was in fact coating one side of the ball in a venner of peas pudding which caused the ball to behave eratically!
There has been a lot of activity with ufos this week up and down the country......the reason bestys ear.......its acting as a invasion signal to all aliens in the galaxy....when the boy best was born he was abducted by aliens and an invasion device planted in his ear designed to go off in the year 2099 or when he had drunk 2,000,000 pints of guiness which ever came around sooner.....even the little green men were staggered at bests rate of consumption and rightly wonder if he is of this world or some sort of superhero!
George nevan the child genius who famously thought WANKING was a chinese province as past his city n guilds in twocking!

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