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Post  qwertywerty on Mon Jun 09, 2008 3:46 pm

armstrong has been severly affected by a tab of acid dropped in his bowl of hot n sour noodle soup.......the former constable and lemonmaragne pie addict has taken to painting very large ladies at various stages of undress........with his 5 normal toes and a sixth made of the carcuss of a small otter he has commited those images on to some very rare canvass and they are selling well...however the buffon has destroyed by fire many masterpieces after he couldnt buy a torch but instead purchased from a hippie emporium an aromatherapy candle and a box of matches made from a tree which had died of natural causes....he dropped said candle...hence the inferno......a terrible thing for a middle aged man marching down route bobby charlton!

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