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Post  qwertywerty on Sun Jun 08, 2008 1:55 am

michael armstrong has finally been kicked off the force...his appeal against the slipper saleswoman has been upheld.....all was going well in the appeal until the prosecution produced their trump card.....armstrongs sixth toe was found at the court he was asked to reveal his left foot....he had stuck a lump of plastertcine where the missing digit was,but the clumsy oaf pulled it off whilst removing his sock.
the dangerously insane armstrong has since been sanctioned as he is also suffering from POST TRAUMATIC DONUT DISORDER....since being kicked off the force he has been unable to get his fix of the suggary treats......the villans in durham jail have put out a contract on him as he owes them for at least 3 dozen lemon meraguine pies which he cant pay for......he has upped his calorie intake as he has hatched a plan to pile on the weight and walk out as allan todd who he will swap places with on a visit....the only stumbling blocks at present are he cant get enough pigeon shit to smear his clothes in and he is having trouble spaking so much bullshit to pull off the ruse.

i.pattinson....tony hadley the mo. a thinner luther vandross but watch this space! me

i.pattinson......tony hadley
m.armstrong......luther vandross

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