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Post  qwertywerty on Tue Jun 03, 2008 10:35 am

swalwell "statue"...sorry michael armstrong is in hot water.....he has refused to wear his "Ally Mcoist Rangers top" whilst beneath the duvet so their lass is not giving him any action.So whilst on his rounds he arrested a burmees slipper saleswoman working illegally round the doors in heaton....to escape prosecution she agreed to some action if he tore up the ticket.....michael obliged but was caught out by roving news hound mike neville....the story is due on look north soon.....he reported that her lady bits looked more like a "wizards sleeve" with all the action she gets!
m.armstrong......wally hammond
j.wilkinson........gerry rafferty

p.s. daggers i ll pass on ur latest import.......japanese kendall mint cake and chinese laminate

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