hammer n cyth ....men with funny hats

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hammer n cyth ....men with funny hats Empty hammer n cyth ....men with funny hats

Post  qwertywerty on Fri May 23, 2008 10:35 am

the boys in the kremlin have sent over top assassin "gona blow your headoff" to terminate besty taylor........it seems he has drunk the soviet unions yearly supply of guiness in 2 week...the top brass have ordered the assassin to boby trap all of the trampolines in arthur cook ave.....as they know he likes a work out before he hits the hay.....however they also know his radar is welloff after a heavy session so have ordered all in the street to be mined.........its gona be one hell of an explosion when it goes off with all the alchol in him......the guiness cloud will be seen in space and be like horroshama.....except instead

of people being burned alive they will be soaked in guiness.

tommy steele.......ludwig kennedy

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