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Post  qwertywerty on Fri Apr 18, 2008 10:42 am

ray jacksons retaliation knows no bounds he has ordered 'human rug' gary 'yogi' sanderson to kidnap jackie briggs ,throw him in a shallow trench filled with pine cones and then do a 'big daddy' splash,then cover him with a timarasu pudding and then release james 'rodders' jacksons hand reared ferrets to feast on his flesh.
p.s. has any one out there got any spare elastic,shaving foam,marxs brothers moustache n funny glasses and woodbines as guy is attending the 75th birthday of dave 'unlucky luciano' wardman .
sad to report the demise of phil 'marlix' marlry who has been involved in a bad accident ,hed been on the absinth then went around to dickie longstaffs gaff,climbed onto the roof and tried to perform his mexican cliff diving exploits of yester year,only he dived into an oil drum half filled with goats cheese and paid the price.
is leg of lettuce still around? best wishes edward leake n charles ryan

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