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Post  pikachu on Tue Sep 28, 2010 6:37 am

Further information: Maggot

Maggots being used to treat a wound
Some types of maggots found on corpses have been found to be of great use to forensic scientists; specifically Forensic Entomology. By their stage of development, these maggots (and other insects) can be used to give an indication of the time elapsed since death, as well as the place the organism died. The lack of maggot presence is also telling in an investigation.
Maggot species can be identified using their DNA. The size of the house fly maggot is 1020 mm (⅜ in). At the height of the summer season, a generation of flies (egg to adult) may be produced in 1214 days. Some other families of Insecta, such as Histeridae, feed on maggots. Thus, the lack of maggots would increase the estimated time of death.
Other types of maggots are bred commercially, as a popular bait in angling, and a food for carnivorous pets such as reptiles or birds.
Maggots have been used in medicine to clean out necrotic wounds and in food production, particularly of cheeses designed to rot as part of their 'aging' process. (casu marzu).
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Further information: Maggot Empty Re: Further information: Maggot

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