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The measure of a tank's protection is the combination of its ability to avoid detection, to avoid being hit by enemy fire, its resistance to the effects of enemy fire, and its capacity to sustain damage whilst still completing its objective, or at least protecting its crew. In common with most unit types, tanks are subject to additional hazards in wooded and urban combat environments which largely negate the advantages of the tank's long-range firepower and mobility, limit the crew's detection capabilities and can restrict turret traverse. Despite these disadvantages, tanks retain high survivability against previous-generation rocket-propelled grenades in all combat environments by virtue of their armour.
Almost every advanced Main Battle Tank is fitted with the British 'Chobham Armour' design[citation needed]; with two examples being the American 'M1 Abrams' and the German 'Leopard II'[citation needed];. This is the most advanced armour plating available[citation needed]; for any tank (with the exception of the British 'Challenger II') and has been proven against a wide array of previous generation Rocket Propelled Weaponry and Explosives.
However, as effective and advanced as armour plating has become, tank survivability against newer-generation (1980s) tandem-warhead anti-tank missiles is a concern for military planners.[38] For example, the RPG-29 is able to penetrate the thickest frontal hull armour of the Challenger II[39][40] and also managed to damage a M1 Abrams.[41]
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