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Post  FellingCC on Wed Jan 02, 2008 11:39 am

Boldon - Do well in the cups but lack of strike bowler will mean they won' challenge for title. Prediction: 5th
Burnmoor - Always challengers and will be again. With last years only challengers Whitburn losing their top 2 batsmen, Burnmoor should win it. Prediction: 1st
Durham City - Who knows what kind of side they'll have. Expect them to be amongst the strugglers. Prediction: 11th
Eppleton - Apparent signing of Daley will help them massively. Not sure if they'll have overseas this year. Prediction: 6th
Felling - Any signings are being kept hush. The Aussie that was ment to play last year seems to be playing this coming year. Prediction: 10th
Hetton Lyons - Rumours they've lost Stu Walker but they do have a sri lankan pro. Prediction: 2nd
Horden - Draw a lot of games again. Expect Hedley to score masses again but they can't bowl teams out. Prediction: 8th
Marsden - Not sure who they've signed. Haven't heard anything about players leaving either. Prediction: 9th
Philli - Lost Micky Walker but will most likely get a pro in. Have a decent team again. Prediction: 4th
Seaham Harbour - Really stuggling. Rumour that Leslie has signed from South Hetton. Still expect them to go down. Prediction: 12th
South Hetton - Lost Leslie but will still put together a half decent team. Prediction: 7th
Whitburn - 2 big losses but will replace them with a pro. Still expect them to challenge. Prediction: 3rd

Final Table
Hetton Lyons
South Hetton
Durham City
Seaham Harbour

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Post  village on Fri Jan 04, 2008 4:15 am

Any further details on the 90 wicket strike bowler? Ie name, email address etc where you live or prepared to travel to? I would think there are plenty of clubs interested, including mine, and our indoor nets start soon if you want to get in touch.


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